Tips For Putting The Fire Back In Your Sex Life

Chances are that there will come a time in your relationship, where the passion has died out. The romance has been lacking and in turn, the sex has become less frequent. In some instances, when the couple has sex, it is routine and boring, as if only being done by duty. But, all relationships experience these moments of drought. What makes some survive and last, is what you do to ignite the fire back. In the event that you are in a sexless partnership, the sex is boring or you want to spice things up, here are some tips.


Start With More Intimacy



In our hectic schedules, we often overlook the minor things. Kissing, touching and caressing each other are hardly ever done anymore. Most couples spend hours kissing when they first meet. But, that all stops after a while. Start by giving your spouse kisses more frequently. An occasional hug and caress at night will also help liven up the fire.


Use Games In Bed

Sex toys and sex games can be found all over the web. Many of them are very useful when it comes to helping you spice up your sex life. There are board games and others you can play along with at home. Searching for love games to play with will provide you with numerous results. Find one or a few that will get you and your partner going.


Do Things Together



Many couples begin their relationships by doing all kinds of things together. However, as they grow apart, they each go their own way. Start by doing things such as going to a restaurant together more often. There are also activities you can do as a couple.


Find What Turns Your Partner On

Great sex doesn’t come by chance. Most of the time, it has to be kick-started. It is ideal for you to find out what makes your partner tick. Find out what turns her or him on, and do what you can to make it happen. Learning about your partner’s body and things which make them hot, will also make your relationship stronger.


Try Something New

Whenever sex becomes predictable or monotonous, most already know what to expect. Because of that, many couples avoid having sex altogether. Start by changing things and putting some seduction in your bedroom. Fantasy role-playing or dressing up as a surprise can work tremendously. Be a doctor, a cop or a teacher who is ready to punish her lover for being naughty. Or not kinky enough.


Talk About What’s Uncomfortable



Numerous couples will break up because one of them held back how they felt about certain things. Perhaps they wanted to try something in the bedroom and never dared. Or it was something their partner did which they did not enjoy. It is better to speak about anything which makes you uncomfortable. If you need lubricant to make things smoother, say it and use it.

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