How Dating Sites Are Making Porn More Mainstream

Searching for love has changed dramatically over the years because of several factors. One of those has been the internet and the widespread use of mobile devices. Along with that you also have the many dating sites and apps used by individuals to meet others. In the beginning, most dating sites were set up for those looking towards finding long-term relationships. However, with so many people not willing to get serious or who wish to be in a monogamous relationship, that changed.


These days you can find all types of sites which are made for those who want sex or to hook up, without any commitment. Sites such as Tinder changed the dating game completely. Now, anyone can find a person willing to have sex, no questions asked. The end results have been more sites for casual sex popping up. Monogamy has gone right out the window since tons of individuals simply want to have sex.


So how exactly did this change in attitude come about? When did people begin to ignore long-term commitments in exchange for one-night-stands? The reasons for these changes in society and mentality are numerous. But, many of them can be traced back to the porn industry. In a way, pornography helped changed the way people saw and see sex. It also altered how they viewed relationships and hooking up.


Part of the reason behind these changes stem from the widespread use of mobile devices and social media. The same for countless of websites catering to adult material. Even though most porn sites stick to porn pics, sex GIFS and videos, others go a step further. They offer users communities or chat rooms to meet others looking for sex. That led to countless of people hooking up and exchanging information. The end result can be compared to online orgies which never end.


Amateur porn pics and videos are the starting point to all of this. Since so many have Smartphones and mobile devices which can record, tons of people take nude pics of themselves. They also take naked photos of others and make sex videos. The amateur porn videos and material is then uploaded to adult sites. For anyone who is looking for hot porn pictures or adult content pertaining to amateurs, they are led to these images.


Social media also plays a major role in how all this sexual revolution has shaped. People use their profiles to post hot and sexy photos of themselves or others on sites such as Twitter, Facebook and many others. Those who see the porn pics, then contact the users via instant messaging systems or other methods. Entrepreneurs saw this and began to come with their own dating sites and apps. It is how the popular and widely used Tinder app came about. In an instant, Tinder changed how people met others online to date. Instead of long-term relationships, they were meeting up to have casual sex.


Today, more than 450 million profiles are found on Tinder. In addition, the site is continuing to grow at 15% per week. Besides Tinder, there are numerous other apps and dating sites just like it. Some are even more straightforward as far as the platform is concerned. There is FriendFinderX, AdultFriendFinder and Zoosk, just to name a few. All of these sites are for people who simply want to get down and dirty with others. While some may find serious relationships in these apps and sites, they are mostly for getting it on right away. For men and women who love sex, these sites have been a dream come true. They allow them to meet countless of people at the touch of a button or a simple swipe of the mobile device. All a person needs is a profile and they are ready to go.


It is evident that pornography has had a profound effect on how people express themselves sexually. For decades, porn was looked at as something very dirty or perverted. However, that view has changed dramatically the past few years as more people are viewing pornography than ever before. And it is not just men who are busy looking at porn pictures, videos and sex GIF images. You also have females who are in on the act. Statistics show that one out of every four women has looked at some form of porn the past year. Men make up an even larger number of course.


Yet the point is that more people than ever are viewing porn material online. All of these individuals looking at sizzling, erotic and hot photos of porn are bound to be aroused. Many of them end up masturbating to whatever porn material they look at. While some may be satisfied with simply playing with themselves, others want more. These people go a step further and want to meet someone to have sex with. This is where the dating sites and apps come in to make it easier for them to do just that.


The sexual revolution is here and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it. Porn has played a big role in letting people act on their fantasies and desires. Hooking up or having sex, is only a simple swipe or message away.